The Musical Keynote of Beloved Sanat Kumara.

Song: Finlandia, tone poem by Jean Sibelius.

Lesson 10

Sing a New Song

The Summoning of the Servants of God

Sanat Kumara

Hail, O legions from out the Great Central Sun!

I stand now upon Terra as in days of old.

I come in the flame of Shamballa.

I come in the fiery destiny of the Light to restore the blueprint of that destiny unto those who will seize it and run with it and adore it and become it and know it as the key to the opening of the great door of the Great God.


O earth, blessed earth!

O rising pulsations from the fiery core!

O blessed elemental life!

O blessed children of the Sun, greetings, salutations and a love offering from our hearts.

In the gratitude of myriad souls of Light, I AM come.

And in the heartfelt  appreciation of hundreds of millions of souls yet to know the path of light, I come.

To each and every one of you I bear the good tidings and great joy that once again the Christ might become an expanding matrix from the point of the individual unto the point of individual government, statehood and nationhood.

For until and unless the lessons of the path of the lonely ones become multiplied body by body, soul upon soul, into a collective unity that never forsakes God-individuality but requires the sacrifice of the unreal self upon the altar, the world will never know the true meaning of freedom.

The Need for the Embodied Teacher

As we have sent our emissaries to this planetary body, we have observed for thousands upon thousands of years, that those who (as a Socrates or a Plato or an Aristotle or the one who held the philosopher’s chair in Alexandria) gathered about themselves a band of disciples who sat at their feet and listened to the Word that came from deep within their very own souls, those souls could retain their center of gravity as long as the teacher was embodied.

The failure of an endeavor of light only occurs when the pupil fails to become the teacher in the fullness of the appointed hour.

Some have usurped the authority of the teacher before that hour, before the fruit of consciousness was ripened upon the Tree of Life.

These usurpers, then, never could understand that in prematurely assuming the mantle for which they did not have the full stature, the teaching was dragged through the mud and became a material doctrine, an intellectual ethic; and therefore the teacher, only the teacher, would be revered or perhaps the most favored disciple.

Therefore, it has been the deliberation of the Ascended Masters for many a year that in our endeavor of this century we would leave no stone unturned until every chela true unto the love of our Law, which is the Law of God, and true unto the Path would know that the course set before him was a path of initiation whereby at the alchemical moment when the pupil reached the level of consciousness of the ascending teacher, the mantle would indeed be received by him, yet not by him alone but by many thousands of souls who have seen and heard the Word of our Witness.

Thus, this is the true meaning of the coming of the Holy Spirit promised by the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the Spirit of the Lord God and of all who have preceded in the long chain of universal being, which is indeed bequeathed unto those who  would follow in the footsteps of the one anointed.

What Will Happen When the Messenger Is Not Here?

Some have looked upon our movement and this Church Universal and Triumphant and have said, “What will happen when the Messenger is not here?”

Therefore they have taken this as an excuse not to be a part of this organization or activity, for they have mistaken the Path and they have misunderstood the profound reality that in every age those who lead the armies of earth and heaven unto the victory  receive a special anointing.

Beloved ones, it is not that God is a respecter of persons, but that among the sheep in the flocks of the Lord we must have a head sheep.

Also, beloved ones, the quantity of energy of sacred fire that must be deposited within the heart of the one who becomes the pacemaker and sets the rhythm of the movement is such that few among you would be able to contain that energy and that light.

Fewer still would understand its immense responsibility and the fact that the Messenger is the prisoner of the mission—the glad, free, willing prisoner of an all-consuming passion, one that you have observed in not a few but in many of those who have walked among you for thousands of years.


Beloved ones, it is the very nature of the transfer of the consciousness of God that this should occur, for it is this concentrated energy that becomes the chalice for the concentrations of Elohim and archangels.

Therefore, out of the Law of the One comes the descent of light, and through the One millions have the opening of the way to become that One.

What Will Happen to This Movement without Me?

I urge you, then, to realize that in the dispensation of our movement in this concluding hour of the Piscean age prophesied by the Lord Christ, we have seen to it that our movement does not depend upon one but depends supremely upon each and every one of you.

Therefore I come this night, in this supreme hour of your victory, to say:  If you are wondering what will happen to the movement without the Messenger, you must wonder instead, “What will happen to this movement without me?”  For, my beloved, the excellence of life is not the dependence upon a single leader but the interdependence of the many who see within that leader the way of their own soul-freedom and the way of their victory.

Your understanding of cosmic law must teach you, then, that the supreme estimate of Self-worth is never in the outer self but in the correct assessment of the Real Self.

And if the sense of Self-worth that you ought to have is used correctly in the judgments of life, you will realize that inasmuch as you are the living God and the living Word incarnate, then the movement suffers as much from the loss of your flame as it ever will from the loss of the Messenger.

The Living Word Gives Life to All

You see, it is the very Word and Life and sacred fire that passes through the instrument and not the personality who is the true leader of the organization.

Our Messenger well understands that it is not in the person but in the Presence of the Lord God and is ever seeking to enable you to realize the grand discovery of a cosmos that the movement of the living Word passing through the chalice gives life to all.

This is the foundation; this is the rock upon which the Lord Christ built his church.

It is ever the movement of the Lamb in and through ye all.

It is the foundation of the Church Universal and Triumphant, and the success of that foundation is your recognition of the person (the pure Son) of the living Christ within the Messenger, so that you might avow and affirm that that which is in the one is also within you.

Therefore the focal point is the grand explosion of the firecracker on the Fourth of July that says, “Lo, out of the One, the Word and the creative fiat come forth millions of Spirit-sparks who have gone to inhabit a cosmos and who have discovered that inasmuch as that flaming flame upon the altar of being is indeed the Lord God, then I can, I will, I shall conquer in time and space. Because the Lord liveth where I AM THAT I AM the gates of hell shall not prevail against my Church.”

Laying the Foundation for the Victory

Beloved ones, there is no possibility of sitting down and bargaining with the fallen ones.

You have heard this pronouncement before, but I give it to you in this hour of your victory so that you will understand that your victory is the foundation for this two-thousand-year cycle, and each one of you becomes a coil of fiery energy.

Even as you have examined the lives of the apostles and you have seen in their characters–in their virtues and strengths as well as in their weaknesses–that those character traits have been with the Church ever since the time of Peter and the others.

Thus we can see how every manifestation, every vibration within the heart and soul of those who lay the foundation for the victory stays with that order, stays with that movement.

And some of you have thought that our Messengers have been too intense in their discipline and in their requirements.

O my beloved, you must understand that I have taken your Messenger to other planes and heights of consciousness, and we have studied the fate of worlds and systems of worlds.

It is, then, in the certain knowledge held deep within the soul of your Messengers that unless the original thrust of a cosmic purpose be pure and undefiled and uncompromised, all that proceeds from that original thrust will bear the taint of impurity.

And, beloved ones, as the centuries pass, it intensifies and becomes larger and larger by the very nature of the movement of energy.

Do you see, beloved ones, why within the circle of our oneness we prefer the stalwart, loving and compassionate souls who have seen the vision and are true to that vision, to those who are lukewarm, who do not understand the meaning of laying the foundation of the cathedral for the human soul?

Your Responsibility in Accepting the Burden of Light

Most blessed and beloved ones, you know that I have come to anchor within you the blueprint of the fiery destiny of the 144,000.

You understand that in the mathematics of science in a space age, a miscalculation by a fraction may result in being millions of miles off target.

I bring you, then, the awareness of your responsibility and accountability in accepting the burden of light.

Every battle that was ever lost, that resulted in the loss of worlds upon worlds has come from seemingly minor episodes, minor weaknesses, subtle intrusions on the part of individuals who felt that they were not supremely important.

They felt that someone else would carry the load, that their betrayal in defending personality and their compromise would surely not result in the death of a soul or a world.

Again, beloved ones, it is Self-worth that matters–the sense of the ultimate import of the Christ who lives where you live, the sense of devotion to the integrity of the Christ within your heart, the sense of honor, the sense of nobility, the sense of the purity of the temple that does not allow the defilement of that temple because God dwells within.

This is reverence for life, the God-determination to defend oneself from blasphemy, from abuse, from misuse, from the whoredom of psychic forces, from the infiltration of the mind and body and emotions by every form of extraneous manifestation that decries the reality and the honor of our God.

Do you see, beloved ones?

If you wonder what will happen to the movement when the Messenger is not here, you have not understood the equation.

What will happen will depend entirely upon your decision, not in an hour in the far distant future, but in this hour and this day.

It is like running to catch up with a giant wave and riding the crest of that wave.

It is like getting on a fast-moving train.

You must get on when it is moving slowly, because it will accelerate and accelerate and accelerate.

And finally, in the moment of the great crescendo of life when cycles turn and  there is the great graduation when one goes on and another must follow, then in that moment you must already be the runner in the race, moving at top speed with the one who goes before you so that when the mantle falls, it falls right upon you because you are on the heels of the one who has opened the door for you.


The Mandala of the 144,000

O beloved ones, value who and what you are and then you will see the great strength of the 144,000.

Everyone who is a part of that original mandala of Light, who came with us in the service of earth, was given this very teaching before the descent into the density of maya, glamour and karma.

To our sight, it was the most terrible densification that we could ever imagine.

Why, beloved ones, to send souls of Light into the darkness of the astral night that earth had become was almost to send them to their death; it was a moment of supreme sacrifice.

Many among you were willing to make that sacrifice and because you were willing, I was also willing to stand before the Lord God, to stand before Alpha and Omega and say: “Lo, these 144,000 have volunteered to accompany me to earth and they have volunteered to descend into a most dense evolution in comparison to their own evolution of Light.

“Therefore, I, Sanat Kumara, appeal to Alpha and Omega that a portion of my heart might live within every beating heart of these blessed ones, and a portion of my seed of the soul of my being might be placed within their souls, O Lord, O Alpha and Omega, so that they might never, never, never be lost in the battle for the light upon Terra!”


As I knelt before the throne of Alpha and Omega imploring this dispensation, our Father-Mother God leaned forward to hear the desperate plea of my soul and spoke in one voice:  “So be it, our Son of Light. “

Therefore, beloved ones, unto you was given a portion of not only my heart flame and my soul but also of the vast teaching of my Causal Body and a review of your entire service to come.

Do you understand now why it is written in the Book of Life that only the 144,000 should be saved?

I will tell you, beloved ones.

It is because you are my living self in incarnation.

And this dispensation has not been granted to any other evolution upon earth and therefore it is written, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.”

You understand that the last judgment and the second death are given unto the children of God because they lost their First Love.

The price that souls upon earth must pay, then, for the betrayal of the Lord God is this judgment.

What then of the 144,000 who have sensed a false security and have therefore tarried and dallied and not come to a position of responsibility and leadership because of the very fact that the flame of eternal life is blazing upon their heart’s altar?

Well, I tell you, this is the dilemma of my soul this very night.

For you see, beloved ones, 144,000 souls of leadership capacity are in the evolutions of earth this day and you can scarcely find one shining one committed unto the Lord God in the government of the United States or of England or of Europe or of Africa because of the dalliance of these souls who received the gift and therefore postponed and postponed the return to the walk of the cross of life.

The Tolling of the Bell of Life

Therefore, I stand upon the altar of the Church Universal and Triumphant of the Lord Christ and the Lord Buddha and I send forth a Light. I send forth a call:

O my beloved, you have come to earth for one purpose only: To be the light that would lead the multitudes unto individual soul-freedom.

As I send forth the quickening of your memory body, remember the moment when we stood together in the great embrace upon Mount Zion, the trysting place of our souls, and you received a portion of myself.

Upon the line of the thread of contact you are in every level of life near and far from this altar.

Now, I call you and I send forth the tolling of the bell of life. Beloved ones, we may tarry no longer.

Once again earth is in her darkest hour, on the brink of self-destruction and therefore in this period, this long period of your sojourn, there has been the amalgamation of the powers of Darkness through the fallen ones and their robot creation and the children of Light who have followed after them through the pride of the eye and the flattery and the promises and the gifts.

Therefore, while ye have tarried, these have entered into a great compact of Darkness and the amalgamation of that Darkness is very great.

The Responsibility of the Loss of an Age

Now, I send forth a shaking of the earth.

I AM shaking the earth at the etheric level.

And in that shaking, I AM loosing the very being of the 144,000 from the lethargy, the self-satisfaction and above all the forgetfulness of the mission.

I send forth the quickening from my heart to quicken your own hearts, to quicken your memory, to quicken your conviction and your commitment and your responsibility.

For I tell you, beloved ones, it has now come to the point that if you tarry any longer to seize the torch of the Ancient of Days, you will find yourselves bearing the full responsibility for the loss of an age.

Then, you see, if this evolution should go into utter darkness, you would find yourselves beginning all over again where we were when we first entered the physical plane of earth and her evolutions.

Beloved ones, I cannot tell you what it would mean to your souls to retrogress, to think that after all these hundreds and thousands of years you would have to begin again with a recalcitrant humanity augmented by the multiplication of the seed of the wicked.

O beloved ones, realize that because there is so much sophistication today and so many voices crying in the wilderness, my message may be seen as just one more to come wafting along as the preaching or the sermons from the pulpits of the world.

I tell you by all that is holy, by all that is real within the temple of your heart that the Lord God has sponsored Camelot and this people.

And the dispensation of light and of supply and the divine plan that has been given unto you is simply beyond the miraculous.


It is the direct intercession of the Lord God within your midst, and each and every one of you bears that testimony this night.

Beloved ones, beloved ones, for each and every one of you who are seized by the great light of the overcomers of the ages, there are ten or one hundred others who have the same capacity as you do to serve the light, to wear the mantle of the Ancient of Days, to burst forth in song and joyousness and service and to become astute, even adept, in the saving of earth and her people.

Somehow the fallen ones have entered into your midst with the conviction that you are in the minority, that there are very few who can truly understand this dispensation.

Well, beloved, it is written that no man can learn the new song save the 144,000.

There are some who read our books who do not understand and there are some who read and instantaneously feel the light and the conversion of our presence.

This is because we have sealed the Word of our publications in a vibration and in an energy that may be opened only by those who are worthy to be, unto the Lamb, this mandala for the victory.

For we will not share our Teaching, our Messenger or our love, no, the Mother will not share her bread with those who defame and defile the living God by their actions, professing to love when within they are indeed as ravening wolves.

Some have noted this and have therefore criticized our publications.

And they have said: “Make them more simple. We do not understand. Write them in other terms. We do not understand.”

Beloved ones, I point out to you the fallacy of this.

Those who have scarcely received a sixth-grade education, who have the Holy Spirit, have understood with a depth of soul penetration every word of our publications and our tape recordings.

This is because no man may recognize the Christ incarnate save he have the Holy Spirit; no man may understand the mystical teachings of Christ save he have the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, I say: Roll back the condemnation upon the Body of God.

Roll back the condemnation upon the Word and the Teaching and the Messenger and the chelas and the disciples and the lovers of freedom.

For we will send forth our call and we will deliver that Word so that it will reach its mark in the hearts of those who truly love not their lives unto the death.

This is the understanding of those who are worthy to sup with the Lamb, who endure unto the end of the age and  become  pillars in the temple of our God.

Therefore, I say in this hour of cycles turning, you can now read the Book of Revelation with greater understanding than ever before; you can see the fulfillment of prophecy before your very eyes.


You can behold the alchemy of your own beloved Saint Germain and Jesus in the turning around of events, and you must read the record written in living letters of gold of this one truth:  You are the Christ incarnate now. Not after you have washed yourselves clean, but now just as you are, the Christ lives within you. And the washing of your robes and the penance and the purification and the fiery baptism come unto you for the release of the fullness of the Christ consciousness.

Therefore I dispel the lie of the procrastination of the fullness of the living witness of the Body of God upon earth.

There is no possibility for any of you to say, “I will come back later when I am prepared to serve. I will come when I am perfect. I will not partake of Holy Communion because I am a sinner.”

Beloved ones, when you become perfect, you will not be in this octave and therefore you will no longer be useful to us.

Think upon that.

In the very teeth of the fallen ones who come and sneer at you and tell you, “You cannot deliver this world in this age,”  all you have to do is say, “Why, I never said that it was I who would deliver the world in this age. For it is God in me who will do that work and I AM worthy.”

The Mystery of the Incarnation of the Word

Are we plucking one note in this conclave of Light?

Well, if it be one note, then so be it. It is the mystery of the incarnation of the Word.

You cannot show me one failure in the history of this entire planetary body that was not the failure of an individual–one who had forgotten that he was indeed the flaming presence of the Lord God and therefore nothing was impossible unto him in God.

I must speak of this, beloved ones, because I see that which assails your consciousness.

I see the hordes of Darkness, and do you know what else I see?

I see them attack the wall of our citadel of light when you are within that fiery circle of our oneness, and I see them throw themselves against that wall.

And do you know what happens when they contact that wall?

Beloved ones, I tell you the truth: they are dissolved by the fire of that wall itself!

This is the true meaning of the circle of oneness.

It is invincible, invulnerable, invincible, invulnerable, invincible, invulnerable, as long as all who are within that circle are pure in heart and are not in themselves the opening, the weakening and finally the breaking of that great wall of light.

This is why there is an inner circle, and this is why there is an outer circle–the more intense the light released through our Messenger, the greater the initiations of those serving with her.

Therefore, at times we withhold the light, waiting for those who surround her to rise to a greater sense of responsibility to pursue the flaming sword Excalibur.

Light descending into Darkness causes cataclysm.

If there is to be cataclysm, then there must be individuals who will stand against the strong wind and the current and the tide and the darkness and the lightning and the thundering and still stand, declaring, “Lo, because thou art, O God, I AM.”

Other Dimensions of the Physical Octave

Beloved ones, may you forever and forever and forever be impressed with this living testimony and that I have stood before you.

Do you know that the physical octave has many dimensions?

There are dimensions in the physical octave beyond your physical sight and beyond your physical senses, because these are dulled.

Therefore, for you the physical spectrum is very narrow, but for us and for other evolutions it is much wider.

For instance, there are evolutions who perceive a far greater degree of color and breadth of color than you do today.

There are colors vibrating in the physical spectrum that you do not perceive simply because of the grossness of this planetary body.

Therefore, you will understand when I say that I AM manifesting myself within the physical spectrum this night.

And I AM anchoring in this earth plane the full weight and momentum of my office as the Ancient of Days, such as I have not done since our coming to the place prepared at Shamballa.

I do this, beloved ones, for love of those who have made the eternal vow, for love of those who have anchored my Light within themselves, even in this very hour, who are using that Light constructively in many cases, yet who do not have the expanded awareness of the potential of that Light to challenge the energy of the enemy and drive him back.

Therefore I AM anchoring a witness, which will register on many levels, for those individuals who can carry a more than ordinary service.

And I speak now of those dedicated and selfless servants of humanity working in the Matter cup, bringing forth the chalice of the Holy Grail by their service in this octave.

These blessed souls have contacted our teachings, but because of certain densities of their karma, as well as of the cross they carry, they have not recognized at first sight  either you or the manifestation of the Lamb in our midst.

It is unto these that I give my Light and my dispensation.

For you might say, beloved ones, that I have already invested a portion of myself and I do not consider investing the light  now granted unto me from the Great Central Sun to be putting good money after bad.

Nay, I consider that this additional investment will be for the resurrection and the multiplication of the original talent of my very own flame.

The Guru-Chela Relationship with the Lamb

Needless to say, beloved ones, the 144,000 have always been in the direct Guru-chela relationship with the Lamb, with my very own life. With my very own life.

This is a condition of the  Guru-chela relationship.

You are never truly a chela of a guru until he has vowed unto you his life and placed that life within you.

For, beloved ones, is not a single flame the Allness of the great conflagration of the Great Central Sun?

Would you say that I have given you a part of myself?

Beloved ones, the light of a candle is the All, for it contains the fire that can become the infinitude of Being.

Thus, you see, the 100 percent commitment of the Guru and the 100 percent commitment of the chela is the sacred trust.

In the levels of cosmic service, I am bound by this relationship and the path of the Bodhisattva, so that I may not go on to higher service until each and every one in this mandala of Light has returned to the heart of the I AM Presence in the ritual of the ascension in the Light.

This is the meaning and the understanding of the Community of the Holy Spirit at cosmic levels. It is the very antahkarana of life.

If you take a complex molecule of matter, you will see the interdependence of atoms with their nuclei and electrons, and you will see that if you withdraw any portion of that molecule, you will no longer have the same chemical element.

So, as a mandala of light, 144,000 is simply a complex molecular structure of Causal Bodies, Beings of Light, who have pooled their resources because the saving of a world requires many manifestations of the one God, and in time and space no individual can bring forth the vastness of the Mind of God.

Thus, though God is complete and infinite within you, in your daily twenty-four hour cycle there is only so much that you can do, as you have often noted!

Therefore, you find the humility, the understanding to say, “Well, if I am to have my victory, if we are to have our victory, we must have one another.”

With one another, each cell in this molecule of light fulfills an indispensable part of the divine plan.

It becomes a moot point then, you see, as to who is more important, the Guru or the chela.

Think upon it, beloved ones.

Never has there been a successful Guru without at least one chela!

The Blueprint of Your Fiery Destiny

Most precious and beloved ones, I now release to you from the central core of my love and that of Venus a transfer of your original blueprint, which I seal within your own Christ Self.

The restoration of the blueprint of your fiery destiny, which is already impressed upon your soul, is given to every son and daughter of God among the 144,000.

As I transfer it through the chakras prepared of our Messenger, the transfer is made; it goes forth with the speed of light, almost as a bolt of energy, going here, going there to souls of Light in Mother Russia, France,  England,  Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Peru and Chile. Those souls are now receiving that impetus of light.


Do you know that there is not a nation or a people on earth who does not have one of the 144,000 within their very midst?

If that one individual would recognize who he is and rise to the top level of his sphere of influence, I tell you in this hour Cuban forces would not be in Africa, nor would Russian forces be in Africa, nor would there be the overriding of Cambodia and the murder of the children of God.

Nay, beloved ones, again and again and over again, it is the absence of self-esteem, the absence of this mandala’s memory of its origin, calling and divine right to rule in the footstool kingdom.

O beloved ones, can you imagine the ones who have this light stepping aside, being intimidated by the fallen ones and allowing them to come to power?

Well, it has happened in the nation states over and over again, simply because people have said, “Why, I could never rise to that position.

I could never be known by the people.

They would never vote for me. I am not capable of leading a classroom, a university, an industry, a factory, a government.”  Do you see, beloved ones?

All is set in motion, and with this release there will be a quickening,  a rousing, an energy and, I might add, a certain disturbance as souls begin to be dissatisfied and disturbed with whatever they are doing that is out of alignment with the inner blueprint of their divine plan.

That disturbance came long ago to many of you.

It sent you forth to seek the Path, regardless of friends or family or public opinion or whatever.

It was a ray from my heart that  made you the discontented ones, who said, “I am not satisfied with the downward course of civilization.

I will find the answer. I will go to the Source.”

Pilgrim wanderers of the ages, I say to you one and all, Welcome home!

The Need for Vigilance

I desire to say unto you that in the hour of victory there is  the greatest need for vigilance.

For, you see, those who move against the hosts of the Lord move at many levels of manipulation.

Therefore, this very land set aside by Saint Germain long ago and protected for the hour of your coming is even now being assailed and assaulted by the governments of the state and the nation.

Well, beloved ones, we applaud the efforts of many among you who have set yourselves to the task of protecting  nature and the retreats the children of God so dearly need.

But when this can be done privately by individuals  dedicated to the very same ends, then we, who espouse freedom in the cosmic sense, must say: Let it be the individual Christed ones rather than the government who  secure these retreats for the people.

For it is always by the ingenuity of the individual rather than the collective consciousness of a government that the greatest gifts are secured.

Therefore, I ask for your vigil and your invocations unto me daily as you continue to play Finlandia when you arise in the morning.

I ask that you make the call–even a 30-second prayer of your heart–for a staying action of the Lord God that this land may be sealed and preserved to fulfill the cosmic purpose to which it is ordained.

Let it be known, therefore, that I have set my seal and my Light upon Camelot–upon every inch, every grain of sand.

And the holiness of our consecration is in the realization that somewhere upon this blessed earth there must be holy ground, so that when people, weary, oh, so weary with the degradation of life, come to this very soil, they feel through the soles of their blessed bare feet the emanations of holiness of the Lord God.

May they come as did Moses–putting off their shoes from off their feet–to feel the currents of the earth, saying to themselves, “Where I stand is holy ground because the Lord God I AM THAT I AM lives where I AM.

“And because he lives, O Lord and living God, so he may choose and elect through me and many like me to consecrate the earth for the coming together again of the people anointed as Israel.”

This nucleus of light, then, is an experiment in the laboratory of earth, so that one day the entire planetary body might once again be hallowed ground because the few have cared enough to keep the standard of the Law of Love undefiled.


O my beloved, I now give unto you my own disciple Gautama, whose soul hovers in your very midst, touching each one of you with the awareness of his own path of overcoming that continued through many incarnations until the hour of the coming of blessed Siddhartha.