Our Cosmic History

Lesson 2
Our Cosmic History

This is a story of Victory—-the Victory of the Great White Brotherhood and its messengers, chelas, lightbearers world wide, and children of God on planet Earth.

Let us go on a journey across the millennia. Let us again discover where we have been and where we are going.  We celebrate the lineage of the Great White Brotherhood and our place in its mighty work of the ages.  For the history of this Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light is our history and we together are a part of its vast movement throughout the Aeons; Let us, then, begin at the beginning:


In the Beginning:

“The fires of creation burned brightly on that memorable day when, born out of the flaming consciousness of the Creator, the spirit of man danced for joy and the morning stars sang together.  The fiat of the Almighty rang clear:  Go forth, sons and daughters of the infinite Mind. Go forth fulfill thy mortal destiny! Billions of Spirit sparks spiraled through Cosmos, trailing clouds of glory and chanting, “Lo I Am come to do Thy will, O God” And so the Spirit of man was born, and so God was borne in man, and so the soul descended into form and took dominion over the earth.”  1. (CHM: I Pg.26)

The first three root races were souls who embodied as a group. They took embodiment on planet earth millions of years ago.  At that time “the entire planet was a veritable Garden of Eden…The ground was transparent like crystal, and the rays from the sun in the center of the earth glowed softly beneath man’s feet…Thus total darkness was unknown and evil as the energy veil was no more real than a fairy tale.” 2. (CHM: I Pg.79) for “when God made man and the universe, He did not include evil as essential to the plan…”  “Under the tutelage of Cosmic Beings and the Manus, the Lawgivers, of their races, these three Golden Age civilizations reflected the highest cultural and scientific standard. Brave souls in a brave new world saw their beginning and their end, their origin and their ultimate destiny to be the manifestation of the Universal Christ.”  “Yet souls newly come into the world of form in these Golden Age civilizations went thru a very exacting program of discipline and education. They were given the knowledge of Evil at the impersonal level and shown the disastrous effects of assimilating the energy-veil.  Thus in 14,000 year cycles, twin flames of the first three root races attained the Ascension and became Cosmic Beings.” 3. (CHM: I Pg. 72)

“The infamy of the Fallen Angels goes back 250 million years. Yet some among the Angelic hosts began misusing free will-…” 4. (Pearl, John the Beloved May 15th 1985)

In the angelic kingdom “the free will of angels is the free will of God, Angels are required to fulfill God’s will, for unlike man they are not given the liberty to experiment with God’s energy….Thus, if an angel chooses to act against God’s will, he must be banished from the angelic realm to the footstool kingdom and embody in the kingdom of man” 4. (CHM: Self Transformation Pg. 10)

The story of the Fall of Angels is taken from the Book of Life—it began with one named Peshu Alga,: 5. (CHM: Path of Christ and Antichrist paraphrased Pg. 77)

“The first individual in this solar system to fall from the high state of the consciousness of Good.

Peshu Alga was a great and wise king and a graduate of the wisdom schools of the Brotherhood.  But in a moment of grief over the death of his child, when God would not answer his pleas, he turned to the powers of Darkness to restore his child.  Failing to ponder the Realities of immortality, Peshu Alga lost his reason and his soul.  In his mind Evil was conceived.”  So Peshu Alga “determined that the universe should meet his demands—and if it would not, he would take the law into his own hands.  His willful attempt to control the forces of nature brought about the uniting of his energies with the Luciferians”

“The Luciferians served under the Archangel Lucifer.  Although the Luciferians retained the concept of God-Good, they had become competitive and ambitious through their misunderstanding of the transcendent nature of God…..Their attempt to introduce rivalry within the framework of God’s Consciousness was the beginning of the energy veil that gradually separated them from their creator.

In his negative frame of reference, Peshu Alga magnetized and expanded the energy veil that was yet in embryo, a distant cloud on the horizon of the Luciferians’s consciousness.  He accused God of Evil and the luciferians were the first to take up his cry.” 6. (CHM: Path of Christ and Antichrist)  Peshu Alega  succeeded in traducing Lucifer himself.  “The Lord had not kept his secrets from Lucifer, his son.  The folly of the fallen Archangel was his familiarity with the Lord.  Lucifer was not content to make himself equal with God— for God shares his equality with his sons and daughters, since he made them co-creators.  But Lucifer placed himself above the Lord God and boasted before the host of the Lord that he, Lucifer, could bring forth a creation better than the Lord’s.  He would do anything that the Lord could do or so he thought.

In fact, Lucifer could not do everything, but he could do many things——enough to impress one-third of the angels serving in this galaxy, as well as the evolutions of mankind on a number of planets in this and other solar systems.” 7. (CHM: Path of Self transformation Pg. 50)

Lucifer and those angels who followed him wanted to have their rebellion on the etheric plane.  They wanted to remain in the heaven-world.  But they would not be allowed to do so.  Through pride, Lucifer refused to serve the children of God taking incarnation on this and other planetary bodies.  His rebellion and the rebellion of his lieutenant, who came to be known as Satan, spread far and wide even infecting our sister galaxy Andromeda.


The Great Cosmic Battle

Enter Michael, Archangel of the First Ray of God’s Will:  “And there was war in heaven, Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not, neither was their place found any more in heaven.  And the great Dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceiveth the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” 8. (Rev: 12 7-9) Thus a great cosmic battle took place. Archangel Michael and his legion had to force the Luciferians and the Satans out of the etheric plane—the heaven-world.  They were henceforth confined to the physical plane. “During this period, the fourth root race had taken embodiment on earth. It was during the time of the fourth root race on the continent of Lemuria that the Fall of man took place” 9. (CHM: I Pg. 85-86) The fourth root race began to partake of relative good and evil. The standard of absolute Good was lost.

When the protective veils of innocence were finally rent, the men and woman of the fourth race became vulnerable to invasion by the Luciferians. The downward spiral was now irrevocable and in time the fourth root race became totally corrupted.  As a result of the fall *(CHM: I Paraphrased Pg. 84) “earth became host to laggard souls who had failed to fulfill their divine plan on schedule on their home star.

The asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is all that remains of Maldek the tenth planet of our solar system. Two thirds of the evolutions of Maldek who denied the power of the Creative Spirit of pure Being went through what is known as the second death. The remaining third, a remnant of souls considered salvageable were permitted to embody on earth to work out their karma and, hopefully, to walk once more in the ways of righteousness and truth.” 10. (CHM: I Pg. 93-94)

The Maldekians had been infiltrated by lifewaves from yet another planet, known as Hedron, the planet in our solar system closest to the sun. They made “the goal of life the pleasure of the five senses.”  This “totally selfish consciousness resulted in their self-annihilation.  They destroyed themselves and they destroyed their planet.” 11. (CHM: Paths of Light and Darkness Pg. 10-11) “Thus the earth was beset with a race of people who had a previous evolution of the pleasure cult, of science, of creating all forms of life, of controlling genes and chromosomes, of waging war.” With the coming of these laggards and their mechanical creations taking embodiment on the earth in and among the souls of the fourth root race—mankind descended in consciousness almost to subhuman levels.  “Instead of raising up those who had come here, the evolutions of earth themselves fell.  The consequence of that fall was the total degradation of life almost to the level of the animal—the most primitive state ever known on earth—to the point where man became almost like a beast, almost walking on all fours, not even being able to stand erect.” 12. (CHM: Path of Light and Darkness Pg. 243-244) “Thus, all was in great, great, darkness—the dark night of the soul of planet earth—-of ancient days of long ago–millions of years according to the annals of earth’s history.  This era is no longer recorded in the history or the scriptures of the world.  All had lost contact with the mighty Threefold flame, (the spark of Divinity in Man) and were without conscious or consciousness.  And so it came to pass that even physical fire was no longer known or understood on earth.” 13. (KOF Lesson #30) It was only a matter of time before Karmic retribution caught up with the evolutions of earth. “Nature was forced to repel the impositions placed upon her and a horrific cataclysm was unleashed—so terrible as to be like that which happened before the Book of Genesis” 14. (CHM: Pg. 96 and 1987 POW Pg. 393) “And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep” 15. (Gen 1:2)


The Cosmic Council and Sanat Kumara

“The cosmic council on the God-Star Sirius convened and decreed the dissolution of earth and her evolutions.  One and all were the living dead—empty shells.  Nowhere on earth was there a mystery school—not a chela, not a Guru, no initiates on the path of initiation unto Christhood “The hour of the judgment had come….Let earth and her evolutions be rolled up as a scroll and lit as a taper of the sacred fire.  Let all energies misused be returned to the Great Central Sun for repolarization.” 16. (Opening of the Seventh Seal, Pg. 11)

“In that moment …a flame of freedom leaped.  It was the flame of Sanat Kumara, known as the Ancient of Days, the Hierarch of Venus, sister Star to earth in this solar system.  Sanat Kumara came before the cosmic council and he said,” Wait! Do not snuff out Terra. I will go!  I will be the soul on Terra who elects to keep the flame of freedom for all life.  I will keep the flame until some respond, until one responds. And then the few and then the many come to acknowledge the fire of the heart.  I will go.” 17. (CHM: Paths of Light and Darkness Pg. 244)

“After considerable deliberation the Cosmic Council and The Nameless One gave their approval of my petition and the dispensation for a new divine plan for earth and her evolutions came into being.” 18. (Opening of the Seventh Seal Pg. 12-13)

“And the Council of the One Hundred and Forty and Four forming a single solar ring around the great white throne intoned the Word with the great beings of light, forming the inner circle round about the Throne and saying, “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was and is, and is to come.”  And I heard the echo of their chant of the “Holy, holy, holy” all the way home to the morning star, to my twin flame whom you know as Venus, and to the sons and daughters of the Love Star. Winged messengers of light had announced my coming and the disposition of the Cosmic Council and the dispensation granted.  The six—my brothers, the Holy Kumaras, who sustain with me the seven flames of the seven rays—mighty Victory and his legions, our daughter Meta, and many servant sons and daughters whom you know today as the Ascended Masters welcomed me in a grand reception.  That evening, the joy of opportunity was mingled with the sorrow that the sense of separation brings.  I had chosen a voluntary exile upon a dark star.  And though it was destined to be Freedom’s Star, all knew it would be for me a long dark night of the soul.

Then all at once from the valleys and the mountains there appeared a great gathering of my children.  It was the souls of the hundred and forty and four thousand approaching our palace of light.  They spiraled nearer and nearer as twelve companies singing the song of freedom, of love and of victory.  Their mighty chorusing echoed throughout elemental life, and angelic choirs hovered nigh.  As we watched from the balcony, Venus and I, we saw the thirteenth company robed in white.  It was the royal priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek, the anointed ones who kept the flame and the law in the center of this hierarchical unit. When all of their numbers had assembled ring upon ring upon ring surrounding our home, and their hymn of praise and adoration to me was concluded, their spokesman stood before the balcony to address us on behalf of the great multitude.  It was the soul of the one you know and love today as the Lord of the World, Gautama Buddha.  And he addressed us saying, “ O Ancient of Days, we have heard of the covenant which God had made with thee this day and of thy commitment to keep the flame of life until some among earth’s evolutions should be quickened and once again renew their vow to be bearers of the flame.  O Ancient of Days, Thou art to us our Guru, our very life, our God.  We will not leave thee comfortless.  We will go with thee.  We will not leave thee for one moment without the ring upon ring of our chelaship.  We will come to earth.  We will prepare the way.  We will keep the flame in thy name.

And so as the Lord God directed me, I chose from among them four hundred servant sons and daughters who would precede the hundred and forty and four thousand to prepare for their coming. For though they knew the darkness of the darkest star, in reality they did not know, as I knew  the real meaning of the sacrifice which they were now offering to make in the name of their Guru.

We wept in joy, Venus and I and all of the hundred and forty and four thousand.  And the tears that flowed on that memorable evening burned as the living sacred fire flowing as the water of life from the great white throne and the Cosmic Council, our sponsors.” 19. (Opening of the Seventh Seal Pg. 14-15)


The Founding of Shambhalla

“And so it was that the four hundred souls chosen by Sanat Kumara descended into embodiment on earth and built the magnificent retreat of Shamballa on an island in the brilliant blue Gobi Sea (now the Gobi desert), known as the White Island.  Nine hundred years these faithful four hundred labored to build the great city. Shamballa was built as a physical replica of the Venusian city of the Kumaras.  The volunteers from Venus focused here the 144 virtues…composing a diamond replica of the focus in the Great Hub in the Great Central Sun.  The “City of White” was approached from the mainland by a beautiful marble bridge.  The main temple of Shamballa was marked by a golden dome and was surrounded by terraces, flame fountains and seven temples, one for each of the seven rays—situated on a wide avenue…lined with trees and flowers, and tropical birds including bluebirds of happiness.

Shamballa—jewel of the sea, flame of hope for millions without flame and without hope!  Shamballa—anchor point of the Great White Brotherhood on earth.

All was in readiness “And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said, Let there be Light and there was Light…And God said ,Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear;” and it was so. So came Sanat Kumara and the Lords of Flame together with the 144,000.  These volunteers knew that once they were embodied, the chances were very great that they would become involved in karma making situations that would tie them to their adopted home for perhaps thousands of years.  Nevertheless, they had been trained to render this service, and the opportunity beckoned.     For many centuries, the thousands of life streams composing the retinue of Sanat Kumara remained in his service at etheric levels at Shamballa….But there came a time when, through their ministration from etheric levels, the general consciousness of the race was raised to such a level that Sanat Kumara considered it safe for the volunteers to embody.

Under his direction, they were commissioned to go forth into the world of form to carry his Light.  Two by two they took embodiment, until an entire wave of Venusians and other interplanetary volunteers were firmly entrenched in the karmic patterns of the earth.  Thus the earth became the crossroads of a universal Armageddon that has been going on for thousands and millions of cycles.

Sanat Kumara explains the challenge of this rescue mission…”Whereas, before coming to the Earth planet, you made your abode in the etheric plane, it was given unto you…to enter the physical octave, to subdue it, and to take dominion over all of the sub-evolutions inhabiting the earth, earthy.

“These evolutions had come forth from the fallen ones…Animal types, primitive, synthetic men created as a slave race by the Luciferians.

“It was to the midst of this menagerie of the human creation that you, my beloved, volunteered to go when you gathered on Venus to serenade me and my Beloved with your songs of love and your vow never to leave me and my own in our exile on earth.  I told you then and I tell you now that you knew not what darkness you had volunteered to penetrate.

“But one thing you knew my beloved: that this Luciferian creation inhabited not only the earth but was infesting the physical octaves of many planetary bodies throughout this galaxy and its twin galaxy [Andromeda].  You understood as I understood when I went before the Cosmic Council to volunteer my life as an atonement for all of the darkness that the Luciferian rebellion had accomplished in these twin galaxies, that a cross section and a sampling of every type of evolution, lifewave and synthetic creation was then and is now manifesting in the four lower bodies of Terra; and if these samplings of the miscreations of the rebellious ones could be confronted by the Light of the Seven Holy Kumaras and conquered by the Four Cosmic Forces through the person of the Eternal Lamb and the Embodied Lamb, then and only then could the final judgment come and the ascension of the Light evolutions of the twin galaxies take place.  Earth, my beloved, is not the center of the universe but it is the crossroads of a universal Armageddon that has been going on for thousands and millions of cycles.”

“…There is no turning back from the line of confrontation where Light in the Lightbearer meets darkness in the dark ones and their nefarious deeds…”This is the love that has bonded us together as one God and one people and one light, which is the light of the true Israel——the universal, archetypal community of the Holy Spirit to which my son Jesus Christ has called you…. …This is the community of the called-out ones who are the remnant of the Woman’s seed;… …By the Mother flame of Omega you have come, and by that Mother flame you shall conquer the Fallen One.” 20. (CHM: Masters and their Retreats Pg. 468),

(CHM: Foundations of the Path Pg. 21), (CHM: Paths of Light and Darkness Pg. 244-248), (KOF Lesson# 29 Pg. 18 paraphrased)