Center in your Heart and Connect with the Flame of Shambhala

To prepare for this next lesson please meditate upon this song. You will hear the name Lord Lanto who is the Lord of the Second Ray of Wisdom. Click to hear the song.

Song: Lead Us to Shambhala Again

Lesson 6

A Mission of Light to Heal the Earth

Discipleship in the Lineage
from Padma Sambhava to Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara

O gentle hearts, compassionate hearts, strong hearts, hearts filled waiting to be emptied, hearts raised up, I sing to you the song of the Holy Kumaras!

I sing the song of Venus, our home.

And I sing the song of those masterful beings who come to Earth in this hour who look for Lightbearers through whom they may incarnate; and so they abide side by side with the Lightbearers, their prospective parents, until their descent into form should take place.

I speak to you, then, of sponsors of Light and I reminisce with you of the day and the hour when you, the 144,000 Lightbearers now scattered throughout the earth, did assemble, did make the journey from Venus to Earth, knowing not when you should return to your home star.

And as you can see, beloved, you have not yet returned to that point of your embarkation.

It was an embarking upon a mission of Light, and Light to the earth.

And so ye did come with me and so we are still here. Let us discuss that very fact, beloved–that we are still here.

Arguably, you might wish to be elsewhere but only for a moment, a brief episode now and then when you cannot untie the knots of karma and crisis is clearly before you.

But then you look up, then you remember the evening star.


Take a walk in the evening and look at the brightness of the glory of the aura of that home star.

And know that it shall be your destination when you shall have won all your victories, when love as creativity in every form shall be in masterful hands and many shall have been converted in the very presence of your Light.

I wish to increase the Light.

I wish to commend those who have stood steadfast even through their mistakes, even through their miscalculations and wrongdoings.

The best plans of mice and men, yes, do oft go awry. But then again, you can return to the scene of your wrongdoings and make them right.

For you have life, you have hope, you have faith and, above all, you have the charity of Christ.

Therefore come to me now, for it is an hour for discipleship.

You are called in love, called in the flame of peace, called and recalled to the ancient memory, called for the quickening of your minds.

I am here for one purpose:  it is to assemble those of you who have the sense of having had an almost indefinite past on Earth and who now have the deep desire to saturate the earth, and every footprint you have made upon it, with violet flame and to enter into a course of training under your Venusian brother, the Lord Jesus Christ.

And I trust I do not offend those who are attached to the Lord Christ and therefore would not have him associated with such a doctrine as that which I bear of the hosts of Light of Venus.

Nevertheless, I must speak the truth for those who will hear it.

And those who at first reject it may one day in this life or another come round to that resolution of understanding that life is ongoing, life is real, life is the cosmic reality of being that is the Atman within each one.

Oh, I sense the peace of God within you!

I sense it in this conference as I have not seen it for many long decades upon Earth. And why is it so?

It is the blessing of the Holy Spirit.

It is the blessing of angels.

And it is the blessing of having among you not only Venusian Masters but also seraphim of God and legions of Light.

For there is indeed Divine Justice in this cosmos and that Divine Justice, beloved, is the sign of the cross.

It is the sign of Christ transfigured, crucified, resurrected, transformed and ascended right where you are.

There is peace in the assurance that you all have–perhaps recognizing it, perhaps not–gentle, enfolding angel wings comforting you, leading you on and telling you again and again:

Our God is worthy. Be ye therefore worthy unto him. Our God is worthy. He shall not forsake you.

Whatsoever ye ask in the name Padma Sambhava, Jesus Christ, Lord Maitreya, Manjushri, Gautama Buddha, Sanat Kumara and the Holy Kumaras, it shall be answered according to your oneness with the living Christ within you, your righteousness in love, your submission of all your requests to the will of God.

This is the gift unto the disciples of the living Christ.

I come, then, in glory and in white fire.

I come to give you peace, to prepare you for initiations to come, to clothe you with another raiment that is the mantle of the disciple, or bodhisattva.

I come to give you that peace and that inner strength whereby you feel confident in your God who is with you and in you and around you–before, behind, to the right, to the left, above, beneath and throughout all the earth.

Recognize, then, that presence of peace, that presence of strength, that presence of surety in your God.

You may be required, as Christ recommended, to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.

But what of it, beloved hearts?  You are also required to render unto God the things that are God’s.

Do both and you will find that Caesar will not be able to thwart your efforts and God will be in command.

Be certain, then, that each day you balance the karma of yesterday and yesterlifetime. Be certain that you can turn a page each night.

For the page of the dawn is a clean white page, and your first writings upon it should be intimations from the angels of the dawn who accompany your soul back to the physical temple you wear.

Strength in the Lord.

Trust in the Lord.


Balance is what you achieve by the memory of decade upon decade and lifetime upon lifetime of walking in the service of God, of encountering all the challenges that David encountered, be it Goliath or King Saul or this or that army of the Nephilim.

Yes, beloved, the point is that in all encounters with the enemies of your soul, when you have walked in the presence of your God, none have been able to take you from your appointed goal.

Though they have tried, though they have screamed, though they have shrieked, yet the forces of Death and Hell have not left so much as a paw print on your arm.

I AM Sanat Kumara.

The earth is filled with the glory of God, the glory of Krishna, the glory of the hosts of the Lord!

Excerpt from Vol. 36 No. 48 – Sanat Kumara Spokesman for the Seven Holy Kumaras – October 13, 1993